More Backlinks (for FREEEEEE!)

As I mentioned in my Experiment: Free Traffic System with Adsense post, I'm starting to see the power of making money using just Google Adsense.  I mean, I'm getting busier and busier these days with my "real job" so I'm having less and less time to create new sites.  With that in mind, it's really nice to be able to make a site in 10 minutes that will make me $30-50/month with almost no effort whatsoever.  As I mentioned in the previous article, it definitely helps to have some backlinks to get that traffic flowing.   Free Traffic System definitely works great for this, especially when you have a good article spinner (like The Best Spinner).  But, sometimes I only have 5 minutes.  That's not enough to write and spin an article.  But, it is enough time to create social bookmarks for your sites.  And, if you use Social Monkee, your bookmarks get uploaded on at least 25 sites (on unique IPs in different class C networks).  This is pretty dang huge!  And, it's FREE!  Head over to the Social Monkee website and see what I'm talking about.  Long story short, you can submit one site each day and it goes to at least 25 different sites.  If you pay for a membership then you get 3 sites per day and they go to at least 100 sites!  Man, that beats the heck out of building backlinks the traditional way.

Experiment: Free Traffic System with Adsense

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free
Unlimited One Way Links

As I mentioned in my post Building Backlinks with Free Traffic System, I've been pretty stoked on Free Traffic System since I first heard about it.  So, I decided to do a little experiment. I registered a new domain in January and I built a landing page with just a few paragraphs. Then I registered the blog with Free Traffic System so that other Free Traffic System user's could submit articles to my site. I also wrote one (that's right, just ONE) article and I submitted that spun article to Free Traffic System. Then I waited. This site has three Adsense blocks on it and it isn't monetized in any other way. No eBay, no Amazon, just Adsense.

Then I left it alone and checked back at the end of February. Guess what? It made $30 last month. $30 in ONE month for a site that is barely more than ONE month old.  My total time investment was probably 15 minutes to create the site and maybe 20 minutes to write the spun article.  That's it.  We are talking about a FREE tool that is going to let me make roughly $1000/year on just one site.  If you aren't familiar with how Free Traffic System works, then you should probably watch their backlink creation video.    Effectively, you write one spun article and submit it to Free Traffic System.  Then you can select up to 30 blogs that you want that article submitted to.  Free Traffic System then spins your article and trickle posts it onto these 30 blogs over the course of a week or so.  Now, in this spun article that you created, you can have up to two backlinks with the keywords of your choosing.  The article only has to be 450 words long.  Believe me, writing 450 words of content isn't hard at all.  Now, if you are spinning it manually, that can take a little time.  So, don't do that. 😉

What I do for spinning is I use The Best Spinner.  It's incredibly easy to use and you can have a 70-80% unique article (per spin) with very little work.  Now, The Best Spinner isn't free, but it's only $7/week for a trial so you can see if you like it or not.  But Free Traffic System is completely free!  Sure, you can pay for a premium membership, and if you can afford it, I would, but even the free version totally rocks!  Get out there and start making money!

How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

So, as I discussed in "You need twitter (really?!)" Twitter is a great way to build backlinks, following and traffic to your site.  But, you probably already knew that.  However, what happens when you have a dozen twitter accounts?   How in the world are you supposed to manage that?  You might have heard of applications like Twirl, but any software solution quickly hits a wall after about 10 twitter accounts.

Enter Hootsuite!  Hootsuite is an incredible social media dashboard site that enables you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts (as well as a few other social media sites).  Each of your accounts appears on a different tab in your dashboard and tweeting, reading and retweeting has never been easier.  I personally use it to manage about 16 twitter and facebook accounts from one place without having to constantly logout and log back in.  You can also schedule updates and tweets to occur at optimal times.  Sure, you might be working at 3am, but who is really going to read your tweet at 3am?  Why not schedule that baby for 10am when everyone is in the office, in front of their computer, pretending to work.

Another fantastic thing about Hootsuite is the ability to create teams and multiple logins.  So, you can have different team members responsible for managing different social media account.  Anyway, give it a peak.  It's pretty cheap at about $5/month and you can try it for a month for FREE!

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

New Pricing for Terapeak eBay Research!

Proving, once again, that it's almost impossible to stay up-to-date on everything, I just heard that Terapeak has a new pricing plan!   As I mentioned in my picking a niche for your nice store article.  Using Terapeak can be a great way to figure out what people are buying.  Besides, if you sell anything on eBay then Terapeak becomes a MUST-HAVE.  I felt like the $24.95/month price tag was pretty easy to justify.  I mean, you are getting 365 days of eBay research and up to 2 years of category trends.  You can use Terapeak to figure out when to sell things and EXACTLY how much to price your listing at.

But, I understand if some folks were frightened by the price tag.  Well, no more!  Now, for a measly $9.95/month you can get 45 days worth of eBay research.  Now, I don't believe you get access to the various seller reports, so if you are using this research to sell a lot of things, then I think you still want the $24.95/month version.  But, if you are just looking for hot trends and great niches then the $9.95 is perfect for you!  Click on the banner to learn more:

Find hot products to sell on eBay

Building Backlinks with Free Traffic System

I think we can all agree that building backlinks sucks.  It's tedious, boring and feels much too much like a day job.  So far for me, affiliate marketing has been an adventure.  I can honestly say that I enjoy it.  Logging on in the morning to check out how much money I made on Amazon, eBay, Adsense and CJ each day is like opening Christmas presents.  The best news is that Christmas comes every day now!

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free
Unlimited One Way Links

However, some days Christmas is better than others.  For example, a few weeks ago I logged onto my Adsense account to see that I had made over $40 in one day.  ONE DAY?!  I usually make more like $2-5/day on Adsense because I rarely focus on it, it's just there to make me pennies while I earn the bigger money on eBay and Amazon.  But, $40 was nothing to scoff at.  So, I delved deeper to discover that almost all of this $40 was from one site.  ONE SITE?!  Yup.

The site in quest is actually just a one page article with some Adsense on it.  But, someone it got indexed favorably and made me about $300 in a month.  That's all it took.  Now I new I had to make more of these and drive traffic to them.  So, I researched on different ways to build backlinks.  It seemed to me that getting links inside of other blogs is the real juicy prize.  But, it seemed like writing enough articles to make that effective would take the rest of my life.

That is when I learned about Free Traffic System.  Here's how it works.  You submit a blog and give Free Traffic System author rights on your blog.  Now, you will get targeted content (in the form of guest articles) posted to this blog automatically.  But, what is better is that you are now eligible to submit your own articles to their system.  In the free version of this product (YES, that's right, you can actually do great things with the FREE version!), you can include two backlinks in a 450 word article.  But, here is where it gets good.  You can spin the article and then submit it to up to 30 different blogs.  These are REAL blogs and you pick the category and focus of the blogs.

So, you know what that means, right?  You now have 60 backlinks to your site (using keyword variations, if you like) from 30 unique blogs that share the same subject.  So, we are talking about one-way targetted backlinks.  It's like winning the Google lottery!  I know it sounds too good to be true, but I can ensure you that it works.  I submitted my first article on January 5th (so, 6 days ago) and it's been posted to 15 blogs so far in various spun forms.  Do yourself a favor, go to Free Traffic System and watch the video and I think you'll see why this is definitely the easiest way to build backlinks (and, thus, traffic) back to your site.

Making Money with Micro Niche Finder

As I mentioned in my previous article, The Thin Affiliate Site Experiment using Micro Niche Finder, I recently purchased Micro Niche Finder and I wanted to crank out some thin eBay sites and see if they would convert.  So, in August I bought ten new domains and I cranked out 10 eBay Niche Stores using phpBay and the wordpress Search2Post plugin.  I'll talk more about Search2Post in a coming post, but let me just say right now that it's seriously changed the way I create Niche sites.

My goal with these sites was to target small niches that would require NO BACKLINKS.  I'm freaking tired of making backlinks for all my niche stores.  I just want something I can crank out and leave it there.  Sure, it's not going to make buckets of money, but as long as it makes enough money to pay for the domain registration and compensate me for my 20 minutes of time, then I'm fine.  I expect all of these sites to be profitable after 2-3 months of being indexed.  The best part about this strategy is that I can just rinse and repeat and not look back.

So, with the help of Micro Niche Finder, I found 10 keyword combinations that I could easily rank on with absolutely no backlinks.  I put a little bit of Adsense and maybe some Amazon (using phpZon Pro) and then moved on to the next site.  These sites all got indexed in late August or early September and at the end of September I've made $47.32 total on them.  That averages out to 4.73 per site per month.  And, keep in mind that many of these sites weren't indexed at all at the start of September.  So, what we are looking at here is a worst case scenario.  I fully expect these sites to make $10-15/month for quite some time with out any more support from me.  So, now it's just a case of how many I can crank out.  And, with a site taking me roughly 20 minutes, things are starting to look pretty sunny.

What's so great about this is that there a loads of ways to make money using Micro Niche Finder (in fact, check out these videos which shows your 5 different ways to make money), I just picked the one I was most comfortable with and went to town!

The Thin Affiliate Site Experiment using Micro Niche Finder

Well, I haven't posted in quite some time and, for that, I apologize.  I forget how busy the summer can get.  Whew.  Anyway, this grand affiliate marketing journey is going well for me.  The eBay Partner Network is definitely my big bread winner, Amazon is next (although, it's about 1/10 of the profits of EPN for me and Comission Junction is pretty much neck and neck with Adsense.'

I had a bit of a scare in June when all when of my sites took a nose dive.  I just wasn't getting search impressions or unique visits anymore.  I'm starting to think it was related to a lag in my twitter activity, but I got worried that my sites had been negatively profiled by Google (which is still possible).  It was a bummer because while many of these sites could technically be considered "thin" sites, they took me hours of work.

So, thus begins my experiment.  I've been reading about Micro Niche Finder and I like what I heart.  Also, many other Internet Marketers have told me how well it works for them.  So, my plan is to crank out 10 (count 'em, 10) thin EPN sites next week utilizing Micro Niche Finder and I'll report the results back to you.  I have a new method where I could conceivably created an EPN site (using the magic of phpBay Pro) from start to finish in less than an hour, so we'll see how that works.  I know I'm coming to this party a little late, but I think there is still money to be made.

If you don't know much about Micro Niche Finder, then check out these 5 videos that show you 5 different ways to make money from Micro Niche Finder.  You'll be chomping at the bit to buy it.

Ok.  Well, I better get to work.  These sites aren't going to write themselves..... yet.

phpZon 2.0 released! (yup, you need it)

So, Wade (from phpBay Pro and phpZon Pro) has been working on a phpZon Pro update for four months now.  I've been eagerly awaiting it because some of the new features are fantastic.  Those are, in no particular order:

  1. More than 10-20 items returned!  Yup, that's right, we have paging now!
  2. Optional display of a drop-down sort for search results.  So, now you can sort your results alphabetically, by Best Seller, by Featured Items, by price, etc.
  3. Now have min price and max price filters
  4. The widget and button in the WordPress MCE are quick and easy to use

Long story short, if you are an Amazon Affiliate, you need phpZon Pro 2.0, there is no question about it.  Here's I'll give you a little demo.  I've got the phpZon 2.0 plugin installed already so in my WordPress editor I have this new little button.  I click on the dropdown arrow and select "Search Results Page".

phpZon Pro MCE Button
phpZon Pro MCE Button

I am then presented with the following dialog for configuring the Search Results.

phpZon Pro Search Options Dialog
phpZon Pro Search Options Dialog

After that's complete, I now have the following awesomeness in my post:

AWS Access Key ID: AKIAIBE6QVWTFTSDTYGA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.

PhpZon – Search Return Problem

So, as I mentioned previously, I upgraded my phpBay Pro license to also give me access to phpZon Pro.  So far, I'm really digging phpZon Pro.  It basically enables me to both feature a single Amazon item in a blog post (by just knowing the ASIN) or I can create Niche Stores of multiple items using keyword searches.

There is, apparently, a new version of phpZon Pro coming very soon, but the version that I currently have supports both SearchIndex and BrowseNode searches, which is pretty helpful.

But, I was  having a problem with search on a particular Niche Store site of mine.  Basically, the site is a Jewelry Niche Store and I notice that when I did a phpzon tag and included a SearchIndex and BrowseNode that I was only getting a single item returned.  It didn't really make sense to me.  So, I posted on the PhpBay Pro Forums and got my answer in a jiffy.  (The phpBay Forum community is fantastic!)

Long story short, it was because the items that Amazon was returning have a choice of size.  What I found out is that if you are going to be using phpZon to search items that have a choice of size or color, you need to un-check the global option 'Filter Items that are Currently Unavailable' because Amazon can't check to see if the item is available until the selection has been made.  I unchecked that and we were off and running!

phpZon Pro and phpBay Pro – The Combo Deal

Howdy all. This is going to be a short one, but I wanted to post something because I'm pretty excited. See, here's the deal.   When I bought phpBay Pro, I didn't really know anything about ReviewAZON or phpZon or any of that. I have a free amazon-niche-store plugin for WordPress that is ok, but not really that stellar. But, at the time I wasn't really doing anything with Amazon.

Well, that all changed around Christmas time. I suddenly saw the potential that Amazon's Affiliate program could have when it seemed like virtually the whole world was already headed to Amazon to do their Xmas shopping. So, all during November and December I was working like a madman to create as much Amazon Affiliate-related contest as I could. However, with all the cut and pasting of my Amazon links, and the description and the image and then adding my own original content it was really shaping up to be a pain in the ass.
Well, I talked to Hanji at and he pretty much swore by ReviewAZON.  But, I was trying not to spend any more money on Affiliate Tools.  I was trying to earn some "sweat equity", if you will.  But, then I learn about phpZon Pro (from the makers of phpBay Pro) and I see that it's only $49.  Hmm.. that sounds enticing.  But, then I see that for $99 you can get both phpBay Pro and phpZon Pro.  Well, now I'm kicking myself for not shelling out the extra $20 and buying both when I bought phpBay Pro.

So, I decided to take a chance.  I sent an e-mail to Wade at phpBay Pro and asked him if I could get a discount, since I had already bought phpBay Pro.  Within minutes I had a response from him telling me that I could just pay the additional $20 (phpBay Pro is $79) and get the combo package for both products.  Freaking awesome!

So, I've just downloaded phpZon but you can expect I'll be talking more about it in the coming days.  I'll also let you know if I find any good mods or customizations for it as well.