More Backlinks (for FREEEEEE!)

As I mentioned in my Experiment: Free Traffic System with Adsense post, I'm starting to see the power of making money using just Google Adsense.  I mean, I'm getting busier and busier these days with my "real job" so I'm having less and less time to create new sites.  With that in mind, it's really nice to be able to make a site in 10 minutes that will make me $30-50/month with almost no effort whatsoever.  As I mentioned in the previous article, it definitely helps to have some backlinks to get that traffic flowing.   Free Traffic System definitely works great for this, especially when you have a good article spinner (like The Best Spinner).  But, sometimes I only have 5 minutes.  That's not enough to write and spin an article.  But, it is enough time to create social bookmarks for your sites.  And, if you use Social Monkee, your bookmarks get uploaded on at least 25 sites (on unique IPs in different class C networks).  This is pretty dang huge!  And, it's FREE!  Head over to the Social Monkee website and see what I'm talking about.  Long story short, you can submit one site each day and it goes to at least 25 different sites.  If you pay for a membership then you get 3 sites per day and they go to at least 100 sites!  Man, that beats the heck out of building backlinks the traditional way.

Experiment: Free Traffic System with Adsense

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free
Unlimited One Way Links

As I mentioned in my post Building Backlinks with Free Traffic System, I've been pretty stoked on Free Traffic System since I first heard about it.  So, I decided to do a little experiment. I registered a new domain in January and I built a landing page with just a few paragraphs. Then I registered the blog with Free Traffic System so that other Free Traffic System user's could submit articles to my site. I also wrote one (that's right, just ONE) article and I submitted that spun article to Free Traffic System. Then I waited. This site has three Adsense blocks on it and it isn't monetized in any other way. No eBay, no Amazon, just Adsense.

Then I left it alone and checked back at the end of February. Guess what? It made $30 last month. $30 in ONE month for a site that is barely more than ONE month old.  My total time investment was probably 15 minutes to create the site and maybe 20 minutes to write the spun article.  That's it.  We are talking about a FREE tool that is going to let me make roughly $1000/year on just one site.  If you aren't familiar with how Free Traffic System works, then you should probably watch their backlink creation video.    Effectively, you write one spun article and submit it to Free Traffic System.  Then you can select up to 30 blogs that you want that article submitted to.  Free Traffic System then spins your article and trickle posts it onto these 30 blogs over the course of a week or so.  Now, in this spun article that you created, you can have up to two backlinks with the keywords of your choosing.  The article only has to be 450 words long.  Believe me, writing 450 words of content isn't hard at all.  Now, if you are spinning it manually, that can take a little time.  So, don't do that. 😉

What I do for spinning is I use The Best Spinner.  It's incredibly easy to use and you can have a 70-80% unique article (per spin) with very little work.  Now, The Best Spinner isn't free, but it's only $7/week for a trial so you can see if you like it or not.  But Free Traffic System is completely free!  Sure, you can pay for a premium membership, and if you can afford it, I would, but even the free version totally rocks!  Get out there and start making money!