New Pricing for Terapeak eBay Research!

Proving, once again, that it's almost impossible to stay up-to-date on everything, I just heard that Terapeak has a new pricing plan!   As I mentioned in my picking a niche for your nice store article.  Using Terapeak can be a great way to figure out what people are buying.  Besides, if you sell anything on eBay then Terapeak becomes a MUST-HAVE.  I felt like the $24.95/month price tag was pretty easy to justify.  I mean, you are getting 365 days of eBay research and up to 2 years of category trends.  You can use Terapeak to figure out when to sell things and EXACTLY how much to price your listing at.

But, I understand if some folks were frightened by the price tag.  Well, no more!  Now, for a measly $9.95/month you can get 45 days worth of eBay research.  Now, I don't believe you get access to the various seller reports, so if you are using this research to sell a lot of things, then I think you still want the $24.95/month version.  But, if you are just looking for hot trends and great niches then the $9.95 is perfect for you!  Click on the banner to learn more:

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