How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

So, as I discussed in "You need twitter (really?!)" Twitter is a great way to build backlinks, following and traffic to your site.  But, you probably already knew that.  However, what happens when you have a dozen twitter accounts?   How in the world are you supposed to manage that?  You might have heard of applications like Twirl, but any software solution quickly hits a wall after about 10 twitter accounts.

Enter Hootsuite!  Hootsuite is an incredible social media dashboard site that enables you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts (as well as a few other social media sites).  Each of your accounts appears on a different tab in your dashboard and tweeting, reading and retweeting has never been easier.  I personally use it to manage about 16 twitter and facebook accounts from one place without having to constantly logout and log back in.  You can also schedule updates and tweets to occur at optimal times.  Sure, you might be working at 3am, but who is really going to read your tweet at 3am?  Why not schedule that baby for 10am when everyone is in the office, in front of their computer, pretending to work.

Another fantastic thing about Hootsuite is the ability to create teams and multiple logins.  So, you can have different team members responsible for managing different social media account.  Anyway, give it a peak.  It's pretty cheap at about $5/month and you can try it for a month for FREE!

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard