phpZon 2.0 released! (yup, you need it)

So, Wade (from phpBay Pro and phpZon Pro) has been working on a phpZon Pro update for four months now.  I've been eagerly awaiting it because some of the new features are fantastic.  Those are, in no particular order:

  1. More than 10-20 items returned!  Yup, that's right, we have paging now!
  2. Optional display of a drop-down sort for search results.  So, now you can sort your results alphabetically, by Best Seller, by Featured Items, by price, etc.
  3. Now have min price and max price filters
  4. The widget and button in the WordPress MCE are quick and easy to use

Long story short, if you are an Amazon Affiliate, you need phpZon Pro 2.0, there is no question about it.  Here's I'll give you a little demo.  I've got the phpZon 2.0 plugin installed already so in my WordPress editor I have this new little button.  I click on the dropdown arrow and select "Search Results Page".

phpZon Pro MCE Button
phpZon Pro MCE Button

I am then presented with the following dialog for configuring the Search Results.

phpZon Pro Search Options Dialog
phpZon Pro Search Options Dialog

After that's complete, I now have the following awesomeness in my post:

AWS Access Key ID: AKIAIBE6QVWTFTSDTYGA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.