Making Money with Micro Niche Finder

As I mentioned in my previous article, The Thin Affiliate Site Experiment using Micro Niche Finder, I recently purchased Micro Niche Finder and I wanted to crank out some thin eBay sites and see if they would convert.  So, in August I bought ten new domains and I cranked out 10 eBay Niche Stores using phpBay and the wordpress Search2Post plugin.  I'll talk more about Search2Post in a coming post, but let me just say right now that it's seriously changed the way I create Niche sites.

My goal with these sites was to target small niches that would require NO BACKLINKS.  I'm freaking tired of making backlinks for all my niche stores.  I just want something I can crank out and leave it there.  Sure, it's not going to make buckets of money, but as long as it makes enough money to pay for the domain registration and compensate me for my 20 minutes of time, then I'm fine.  I expect all of these sites to be profitable after 2-3 months of being indexed.  The best part about this strategy is that I can just rinse and repeat and not look back.

So, with the help of Micro Niche Finder, I found 10 keyword combinations that I could easily rank on with absolutely no backlinks.  I put a little bit of Adsense and maybe some Amazon (using phpZon Pro) and then moved on to the next site.  These sites all got indexed in late August or early September and at the end of September I've made $47.32 total on them.  That averages out to 4.73 per site per month.  And, keep in mind that many of these sites weren't indexed at all at the start of September.  So, what we are looking at here is a worst case scenario.  I fully expect these sites to make $10-15/month for quite some time with out any more support from me.  So, now it's just a case of how many I can crank out.  And, with a site taking me roughly 20 minutes, things are starting to look pretty sunny.

What's so great about this is that there a loads of ways to make money using Micro Niche Finder (in fact, check out these videos which shows your 5 different ways to make money), I just picked the one I was most comfortable with and went to town!

PhpZon – Search Return Problem

So, as I mentioned previously, I upgraded my phpBay Pro license to also give me access to phpZon Pro.  So far, I'm really digging phpZon Pro.  It basically enables me to both feature a single Amazon item in a blog post (by just knowing the ASIN) or I can create Niche Stores of multiple items using keyword searches.

There is, apparently, a new version of phpZon Pro coming very soon, but the version that I currently have supports both SearchIndex and BrowseNode searches, which is pretty helpful.

But, I was  having a problem with search on a particular Niche Store site of mine.  Basically, the site is a Jewelry Niche Store and I notice that when I did a phpzon tag and included a SearchIndex and BrowseNode that I was only getting a single item returned.  It didn't really make sense to me.  So, I posted on the PhpBay Pro Forums and got my answer in a jiffy.  (The phpBay Forum community is fantastic!)

Long story short, it was because the items that Amazon was returning have a choice of size.  What I found out is that if you are going to be using phpZon to search items that have a choice of size or color, you need to un-check the global option 'Filter Items that are Currently Unavailable' because Amazon can't check to see if the item is available until the selection has been made.  I unchecked that and we were off and running!

phpZon Pro and phpBay Pro – The Combo Deal

Howdy all. This is going to be a short one, but I wanted to post something because I'm pretty excited. See, here's the deal.   When I bought phpBay Pro, I didn't really know anything about ReviewAZON or phpZon or any of that. I have a free amazon-niche-store plugin for WordPress that is ok, but not really that stellar. But, at the time I wasn't really doing anything with Amazon.

Well, that all changed around Christmas time. I suddenly saw the potential that Amazon's Affiliate program could have when it seemed like virtually the whole world was already headed to Amazon to do their Xmas shopping. So, all during November and December I was working like a madman to create as much Amazon Affiliate-related contest as I could. However, with all the cut and pasting of my Amazon links, and the description and the image and then adding my own original content it was really shaping up to be a pain in the ass.
Well, I talked to Hanji at and he pretty much swore by ReviewAZON.  But, I was trying not to spend any more money on Affiliate Tools.  I was trying to earn some "sweat equity", if you will.  But, then I learn about phpZon Pro (from the makers of phpBay Pro) and I see that it's only $49.  Hmm.. that sounds enticing.  But, then I see that for $99 you can get both phpBay Pro and phpZon Pro.  Well, now I'm kicking myself for not shelling out the extra $20 and buying both when I bought phpBay Pro.

So, I decided to take a chance.  I sent an e-mail to Wade at phpBay Pro and asked him if I could get a discount, since I had already bought phpBay Pro.  Within minutes I had a response from him telling me that I could just pay the additional $20 (phpBay Pro is $79) and get the combo package for both products.  Freaking awesome!

So, I've just downloaded phpZon but you can expect I'll be talking more about it in the coming days.  I'll also let you know if I find any good mods or customizations for it as well.