How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

So, as I discussed in "You need twitter (really?!)" Twitter is a great way to build backlinks, following and traffic to your site.  But, you probably already knew that.  However, what happens when you have a dozen twitter accounts?   How in the world are you supposed to manage that?  You might have heard of applications like Twirl, but any software solution quickly hits a wall after about 10 twitter accounts.

Enter Hootsuite!  Hootsuite is an incredible social media dashboard site that enables you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts (as well as a few other social media sites).  Each of your accounts appears on a different tab in your dashboard and tweeting, reading and retweeting has never been easier.  I personally use it to manage about 16 twitter and facebook accounts from one place without having to constantly logout and log back in.  You can also schedule updates and tweets to occur at optimal times.  Sure, you might be working at 3am, but who is really going to read your tweet at 3am?  Why not schedule that baby for 10am when everyone is in the office, in front of their computer, pretending to work.

Another fantastic thing about Hootsuite is the ability to create teams and multiple logins.  So, you can have different team members responsible for managing different social media account.  Anyway, give it a peak.  It's pretty cheap at about $5/month and you can try it for a month for FREE!

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Step Three: You need Twitter (really?!)

So, it's been awhile but I'm back to documenting my process for creating new affiliate marketing sites.  This step might be optional if you are starting a Niche Store, but it's definitely necessary for community forum sites and blog sites.  Heck, I think it's necessary for any site if you want to get visitors right now.  I'll be honest with you here, I never really got twitter.  I mean, sure I had a Facebook account but that's about as far as I went with the whole social networking thing.  Twitter just seemed like Facebook, only with just the status updates and nothing else and that didn't make sense to me.  I figured it was something that teenagers were into.

Well, the truth is that twitter is an invaluable marketing tool for a few reasons.

  1. Google seems to really "love" Twitter.  So, if people are tweeting @you it's probable that Google could index Twitter and see these @you links pointing back to your twitter profile and then back to the site you are promoting.  So, having an active twitter following can really help with your search engine optimization.
  2. Heck, if you have a few thousand twitter followers then you'll get tons of traffic just from Twitter referrals.  This is nice if you've just launched your site and you are impatient.  That is to say, you don't want to wait around for 2 months for your organic traffic to start showing up.  Just build your twitter following and get folks visiting your site from the get-go.

There are three Twitter software tools that I can't live without.

  1. Bird Feeder - Bird Feeder is a miracle.  It makes it incredibly easy to build your Twitter following very rapidly.  Effectively, each day you can un-follow Twitter account who aren't following you back, then make sure you follow everyone who newly started following you and then you can follow new users (based on things like keywords searches, hashtags, who they are following, etc).  So, if your money site is all about doorknobs then you can follow users who use the word "doorknob" and then the word "vintage" or the word "antique" and not the word "sandwich".  Or, if you find another twitter user with 20,000 doorknob-loving followers then you can just follow his followers each day.   I'm only a few months into Affiliate Marketing but I already have a dozen twitter accounts each with 2000-3000+ followers.  I couldn't have done it without Bird Feeder.
  2. Twitter Tools Plugin for WordPress - Twitter Tools is a great free plugin for WordPress.  Basically, you can configure it to auto-tweet every time you post a new page or post in WordPress.  Conversely you could also have it convert your tweets into blog posts, but I don't really see the point in that.  Also, you can use the Twitter Tools sidebar showcase the last # of your tweets.  I dig that because I fee like if I tweet @someone or retweet them then I've also effectively posted a link to their twitter page (and hopefully their site) on my page.  So, it's a good way to help other folks out.
  3. TweetMeme Button for WordPress -  TweetMeme is that little green button in the upper right of this page.  It shows how many times your URL has been tweeted and it also makes it very easy for users to retweet your page, if they like it.

So, those are the Twitter software tools that I can't live without and why I think Twitter is an invaluable marketing tool.  In my next Affiliate Journal post, I'll talk about other WordPress modules that I can't live without.